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KIDSPEECH™ ll Speech Pathology ('speech therapy for kids’),
Toronto and GTA Speech-Language Pathologists,
certified Life Care Planners - kids, teens, adults



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Consultation, Assessment, and Therapy:

KIDSPEECH™ provides speech pathology and cognitive-communication assessments and therapy for infants, young children, teens, adults, and seniors.

Children and teacher in a classroom setting

We work with clients who have learning disabilities, autism, asperger's syndrome, strokes, literacy/ academic issues, cognitive communication problems post an acquired brain injury or concussion, fluency (stuttering or cluttering),developmental problems, myofunctional difficulties (ie drooling), voice disturbances (hoarseness, vocal nodules), or behavioural issues.

Specialized services are available to parents who have concerns about their child’s speech, language, cognitive communication, literacy skills, writing, behaviour, school performance, memory, expressive language and processing skills. As well, we provide early stimulation intervention and home programmes for parents with babies. Early intervention is key and parental training is most valuable. We also help parents make the best school choice for their children. During the first consultation (approx. 1.5- 2 hours), we review the history, concerns and conduct a comprehensive assessment to obtain an overview of the difficulties. We answer questions and discuss treatment options. Since each client is unique, the approach is tailored to the individual’s needs.

KIDSPEECH™ can also assist in accent reduction in adults, and provides consultation and treatment to adults who have experienced a stroke or other neurological injury including treatment for comprehension and expression problems.

KIDSPEECH™ provides individualized consultation/examinations appropriate for many different client interests/needs, including the following:


  • Recommendations to parents, caregivers, teachers, doctors, and others
  • Independent Examinations requested by insurance adjusters
  • Expert Witness Testimony opinions for legal firms or as requested by the courts
  • Referral services to health care professionals
  • Rehabilitation case management
 for catastrophic injuries
  • Certified Life Care Plans

To arrange for a consultation or schedule treatment please contact KIDSPEECH™.


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Speech Therapy:

KIDSPEECH™ provides therapy for many different speech and language issues, including, but not limited to the following:


  • Articulation skills
  • Language development

  • Strokes

  • Social Skills

  • Memory

  • Executive Functions
  • Acquired brain injuries 

  • Pre-linguistic skills
  • Complications from: Acquired head/brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Birth injuries

  • Dental injuries (TMJ)

  • Concussions

  • Reading and writing

  • Early literacy skills

  • Digital literacy

  • Myofunctional skills
  • Drooling, tongue thrusting & TMJ disorders
  • Voice, Vocal Abuse, Hoarseness
  • Fluency (children & youth)
 - Stuttering and Cluttering
  • ESL, bilingualism & French immersion

  • Play Skills

To arrange for a consultation or schedule treatment please contact KIDSPEECH™.
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Specialized Services:

KIDSPEECH™ provides a variety of specialized services. For example, our expertise is available to legal firms whose clients have experienced communication difficulties as a result of an injury following a traffic accident or other incident involving one or more organ (cochlea, vocal cords, brain, eyes, etc).

Other specialized services include:

  • Independent examinations (IE) available to adjusters only
  • Expert witness and court representation
  • Independent assessments for medi-legal purposes (available to both defendant and plaintiff legal firms)
  • Expert services for both defendants and plaintiffs.
  • Life Care Plans
  • Jobsite assessments
  • Guest lectures (legal, Insurance team, members of policies and procedures, etc)
  • Cognitive-communIcation assessments for legal firms and insurance adjusters
  • Bilingual assessments (French/English)
  • Italian assessments and therapy
  • Spanish assessment and therapy
  • Situational assessments
  • Ergonomics and modifications
  • Mental health services

To arrange for a consultation or schedule treatment please contact KIDSPEECH™.


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Close-up of baby's face

KIDSPEECH™, Screen your child... Do you have a concern?

Here is a small checklist about what your baby should be doing by a certain age. If there is a gap of more than 6 months, you should contact KIDSPEECH™ for an evaluation. We can train you to stimulate your baby’s speech.

Year One:
Does your infant?… 
1 Month Respond to voice, Smile 
2 Months Coo, Create Different sound, Recognize parents 
3 Months Laugh, Recognize objects 
6 Months Initiate games, Respond to 'No' 
8 Months Babble 
10 Months Say 'Mama'/'Dada' 
12 Months Say his/her first word, Able to follow one-step command 
Year Two: Does your baby?… 
16 Months Point to body parts 
17 Months Say 4-6 single words 
18 Months Communicate his/her needs 
20 Months Make 2 word sentences, Follow two-step commands 
22 Months Make more than 50 single words 
24 Months Point to objects described by use 
Year Three Does your toddler?… 
32 Months Use nouns and verbs, Follows complex commands 
34 Months Initiate conversation 
36 Months Talk in sentences, Say 'what' and 'who' 
Year Four Does your child say 'how' and ‘yesterday’?
Is your child understood more than 60% of the time?